My Favorite Recipes of 2014


I guess I should say, “My Favorite of My Own Recipes of 2014”. Here’s a little recipe roundup of some of the food I’ve made over the last year. Cheers to another year of being plant powered!


Fresh Garden Veggie Juice  Made from veggies that came from my garden! Ahhhhhh!


Vegan GF Biscuits and Gravy  I looooooove making this recipe for a delicious vegan brunch. Even my essentially carnivorous dad ate it without complaining.


Grilled Eggplant Steak  Yummmmm. Looking at this plate makes me miss gardening soo very much. The eggplant was from a farm I spent some time on, the potatoes, herbs, tomatoes, cucumber, and carrots are alllll from my very own soil.


Grilled Balsamic Portobellos  I could eat portobellos every day. I really think I could.


Cashew Cheese Log With Sun Dried Tomatoes   If I remember correctly, this was my birthday gift to myself.


Creamy Cucumber Salad   I made this salad soooooooo much over the summer. I had a crazy crazy amount of cucumbers growing in my garden and this recipe was the perfect way to enjoy them.


Grilled Nectarine and Marinated Kale Salad   This is the best salad I’ve ever eaten. Ever. I mean it.


Marinated Veggie Kebabs   I love skewered a ton of veggies and roasting them over the grill. Love it.

Wild Rice Pilaf

Wild Rice Pilaf    I make this for family events pretty often. I live in a small world of ‘meat and potatoes’ folks. This is something they’ll eat without having to ask me what it is. Quinoa was mind blowingly exotic for some of my family members.

Avocado Ranch Dip 3

Creamy Avocado Ranch Dip    I’ve always been a big fan of veggie trays. Find a way to add some avocado and I’m so in.


Macro Plate   I pretty much ate a macrobiotic diet most of last winter. I ate a variation of this plate pretty darn often- part grains, part beans, part veggies, some sea vegetable, and something pickled or fermented.


Lentil Nuggets   As much as I hate washing my food processor, these are soooo worth it.

IMG_0434-2Chickpea “Tuna” Salad    I made chickpea tuna salad alllll the time over the summer. Or sunflower tuna salad. Perfect on crackers, in a sandwich, or just on it’s own.


It’s been a great year with a whole lot of great meals. I love my plant based life!



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