My Favorite Art, Health, and Happiness DIY Projects of 2014


Essential Oil Bath Salts These smell soooooooo good. So good.


Homemade Essential Oil Soaps  I loooove making soap. I want to do it all the time now!


DIY Embroidered Reusable Shopping Bag I use this almost every single day. I plan on making a bunch more to sell! Contact me if you’re interested!

IMG_1699 copy

DIY Foldover Waist Maxi Skirt  I am in loooove with this skirt. It’s perfect for any season.


DIY Bedtime Blend   I use this almost every night.

IMG_6911 copyHomemade Natural Bug Spray   This was a summer experiment. It works pretty darn well. Not as well as commercial bug sprays, but I feel sooooo much better using this instead.


DIY Tie Dye Yoga Pants   I wear these whenever they’re clean. Seriously.


DIY Spring Wreath    I really loved this wreath. It’s in my office right now haha


DIY Essential Oil Perfumes   I wear one of these almost every day. I love all four blends.


I posted about my garden’s progress all year. It started this this… ^^   I spent soooooo many hours pulling rocks and weeds and sticks. It was such a mess. This year should be better 🙂 I have HUGE garden plans this year!!


My garden produced sooo many wonderful fruits and veggies. This little guy watched over the progress while I was away.



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