Weekly Wishes #9


Week 9 for me of the weekly wishes goal link up hosted by Melyssa of the Nectar Collective. Tomorrow, I’ll write about my goals for 2015.

Last Week’s Goals

1. Combine my lists of goals for 2015. I did get a good list compiled.

2. Paint. Hmph…. I had too many holiday celebrations to think about pulling out my paints.

3. Read more of Sand County Almanac. I did.

4. Fully enjoy every moment of my Christmas celebrations. So many celebrations.

5. Work on designs for Laura’s 2015 Run Across America. I really shouldn’t have made this a goal for the week of Christmas. But the designs are in my head!


This Week’s Goals

1. Do a LOT of yoga. A LOT.

2. Do some embroidery. I have a stack of projects that I need to finish… A big stack. I’ve got a bunch of reusable grocery bags with patterns drawn on them that I need to embroider.

3. Paint something. I’ve got visions in my head of some paintings.. I need to get them on canvas.

4. Make some amazing food. This last week, I sorta ate a lot of junk food. Or, at least, a lot of junk food for me. I went grocery shopping last night and bought a bunch of wonderful produce to get me back on track.


The Nectar Collective

What are your goals for this week?


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