Weekly Wishes #10

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Wow. I haven’t written a blog post in a week. I’m not going to lie, it felt really good to take a week off. Not that I don’t love my little corner of the universe here… But I just needed a little vacation. Well, I was too busy to try to squeeze in writing content so it wasn’t really a vacation, but I did some really wonderful things. My niece and cousin came over for a night and we had some good laughs. I went on a mini road trip and found some treasures along the way.. I spent a lot of time with my sister. I saw some of my favorite people who were in town from Ohio. And I had a really amazing bonfire by myself for New Year’s Eve. So, I didn’t really have time to feel guilty about not writing. (Anybody else get blogger’s guilt when they don’t post for a few days?!)

So, back to the usual Monday’s post… My Weekly Wishes #10. I’ve been participating in the weekly goals link up hosted by Melyssa of The Nectar Collective for 10 weeks already! Whoaaaa!

Last Week’s Goals

1. Do a LOT of yoga. I did.

2. Do some embroidery. I didn’t. Ooops. I brought it with on a mini road trip and got distracted by good conversation. So, that’s not a bad thing!

3. Paint something. I didn’t. This week? 

4. Make some amazing food. I totally did.

This Week’s Goals

1. Do some more yoga. I gotta keep it habitual.

2. Paint this week. I have ideas in my head and some new supplies to work with. So, I must.

3. Take some time to relax. The last few weeks have been so busy, I need to take some time for quiet.



The Nectar Collective


What are your goals for the week?



7 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #10

  1. Kahleel Hamilton says:

    I love that you did a bonfire alone. Sometimes we are afraid to do things alone but it can be such a wonderful time to reflect and reconnect with ourselves.
    Good luck with your goals this week, especially with relaxing.


    • Kayse says:

      I loooove having fires alone! Perhaps even better than enjoying them with friends? It’s so peaceful and relaxing.
      I hope your goals go great this week, too!! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting!


  2. said-simply says:

    Kayse, what I like about reading your weekly update on your goals is that you didn’t just set goals but you reflect on your progress. Often I think that’s where goal setting falls short, we don’t take an honest look at how we’re doing. I must admit I’m excited to see what comes out of the painting category and some of the ideas you have floating around. Carry on, in my mind you’re doing great! Have a lovely week! 😉


    • Kayse says:

      Thanks, Eli!! 🙂 I love writing goals so long as I check in with them! I have small goals set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, and look them over at least once a week to see how I can progress on them and what I can check off.

      Liked by 1 person

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