DIY Coffee Filter Peonies


I hardly love anything more than crafting all day… So, when my friend Julia asked last week if I wanted to have ‘Crafting Day’ on Saturday, obviously my answer was yes. We decided on coffee filter flowers. Simple, inexpensive, and super gorgeous! Both my dad and my brother in law even thought these were really cool and said they’d never know they were made of coffee filters.

These are gorgeous as a centerpiece.. They’d even be gorgeous as a bouquet in a wedding!

Without further ado….


  • coffee filters
  • jewelry wire and wire cutters
  • a needle
  • thin wood dowels, whatever length you desire
  • scissors
  • washi tape or floral tape
  • watercolor paint or acrylic paint
  • paintbrush


Count out 8 coffee filters. This seems to be the perfect amount to keep them looking full, but not too full. Lay them out flat.


Poke one hole in the center of the coffee filters using the scissors. Poke a hole on either side of that hole using the needle. Thread the wire through the two small needle holes.


Push the dowel through the center hole and push through until only 1/2 inch remains on the inside or cup shaped side of the filters.


Wrap the wire around the dowel to secure it in place.


Then, pull the coffee filters together and wrap the decorative tape around the wire and a little ways up the coffee filters.


One by one, pinch together and fluff the filters starting at the center.


Once the flower shape has taken form, mix watercolor paint of your choice with enough water to make it very thin and runny. Dab the paint onto the very edges of the filters. It will soak in slowly.


Alternatively, you can use acrylic paint (gold!!) and just dab it onto the very edges of the petals. Let them dry and gather them together in a vase. Enjoy!!

IMG_5652This is how Julia’s pink peonies turned out!! Gorgeous, no?



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