Weekly Wishes #12


Soooo I had a lot of goals last week, some that I hadn’t even listed here anndddd I spent my days off watching my nieces and hanging out with my sister. It was really great up until the girls got a virus… They’re on the mend today, it seems.

Onto this week’s goals and checking in on last week’s goals. You can join the linkup here at Melyssa’s blog, The Nectar Collective.

Last week’s goals….

1. Produce a painting. I drew in the ink portion of the piece… I think I’ll work more on it this afternoon. 

2. Make a few really great meals. I did!

3. Finish the embroidery piece I’ve been working on. I finished one and started another!

4. Finish some of the DIY projects on my list. Wellllll… I did a few but not as many as I’d like.

5. Start working on designing a new header. I daydreamed about it.


This week’s goals….

1. Finish the painting I started. I just gotta fill in the color. Then start dreaming up a new piece!

2. Make a new recipe. Something out of my norm.

3. Finish the embroidery piece I started. I’ve been a roll with embroidery!

4. Finish up designing one of the ideas Laura and I were brainstorming up for her 2015 Run Across America. Nuff said.

5. Finish working on the header I’ve been dreaming about. It’s time.

6. Go outsideeeee. The weather’s been really cold up till this weekend, but that’s changing for a few days so I need to get outttt.

7. Keep increasing my workouts and doing yoga daily. My sister and I have been really good at keeping each other on track with our workouts. It’s so good to feel fit.


What are your goals for the week?



15 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #12

  1. Ashley Hufford says:

    Love your goals for this week! A really want to start doing Yoga Daily, I just need someone to keep my accountable! Good thing you have a sister to do that 🙂

    Also your friend running across america may be the coolest thing i’ve ever heard. I’ll have to try and go to city hall when she gets there!

    Have a lovely week!

    ~Ashley (Weekly wishes!)

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  2. Jenn says:

    Good luck with your goals this week!

    One of my goals for my ‘101 in 1001’ list is do yoga everyday for a month, sooo you know, eventually I’ll get around to giving that a try! lol


  3. Courtney @ Broad&Main says:

    Good luck this week! Yoga is on my unofficial wish list for the week. It’s amazing how much better I feel when I am going regularly. Weather is changing where I am for a few days too!! So excited for some sunshine 🙂 Have a great week!


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