Amethyst and Pressed Flower Pendant Necklace DIY

Amethyst and Pressed Flower Pendant Necklace DIY

I was pretty absent from this space last week. It was a long, long week. My nieces got one of the viruses that has been going around, so I helped care for them (and got seriously vomited on, ughhhh), then my sister got it too. I spent quite a bit of time at my sister’s house last week… Just doing whatever I could to help them out (laundry, dishes, ya know, the stuff that piles up fast in a house with kids). Then my mother got a new cat and I spent a good amount of time snuggling him… Anddddd, then I got a cold. Oh, and helped a friend pack up to get ready to move a few hours away. So, it was a long long week. Yesterday, I just sat in my studio all day, creating and drinking tea and trying to revive my energy stores.

One of the things I created was this necklace… And I’m a tad infatuated with it. I created it in under ten minutes, too! I love a quick, cute DIY project.



  • Needlenose pliers
  • lighter or matches
  • superglue- looking for cruelty-free glue?
  • 1 large, flat stone bead- I used a piece of amethyst that was gifted to me, similar one here
  • 1 glass bead
  • 1 small pressed flower pendant, mine was 10 cents at a flea market, similar ones here and here
  • a six inch piece of hemp cord
  • a 2 foot piece of chain
  • 2 jump rings


Slide the pendant onto the hemp cord, to the middle and tie a knot about a 1/4 inch up.


Slide the glass bead onto the hemp cord so that it sits atop the knot. Make another knot about a half inch up from the bead.


Slide the amethyst stone bead onto the hemp cord so that it sits atop the knot.


On either side of the hemp string, about an inch and a half up from the amethyst bead, tie a jump ring. I double knotted mine.


Trim the excess string from the knot– you want to leave a little so that it doesn’t just unravel.


Using matches or a lighter, burn the tips of the hemp cord to fuse the fibers together. This will burn up pretty quickly, so expect to move fast.


Drip glue onto either knot to fuse them tight. Allow it to dry.


Attach the jump rings to either end of the chain using the needlenose pliers.  Tada! There you have it. A quick, simple necklace you created yourself using little elements of nature.



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