Weekly Wishes #13


I really can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 13 weeks already! It’s really cool to see how much I’ve accomplished in 13 short weeks.

Weekly Wishes is a goal setting link-up hosted by the lovely Melyssa of The Nectar Collective. Come on, join in!! It’s really pretty fun.

Last week’s goals….

1. Finish the painting I started. I had a crazy busy week with sick family, so I didn’t touch my paints…. Eeeeek.

2. Make a new recipe. I had almost no time to cook anything other than quick grab and go meals.

3. Finish the embroidery piece I started. Nope. Certainly didn’t. I brought it along with me while I was caring for my sister and her kids, but didn’t get around to it. 

4. Finish up designing one of the ideas Laura and I were brainstorming up for her 2015 Run Across America. Doing it right now.

5. Finish working on the header I’ve been dreaming about. Didn’t have a moment to think any more about it. 

6. Go outsideeeee. I did get some time outside!! I wander our woods quite a bit and went running despite being exhausted and sick. I needed the air. 

7. Keep increasing my workouts and doing yoga daily. Did soooo badly about these things this week. There was too much sickness going on and too many late nights tucking kids into bed then driving back home and getting my own things done at home. 

This week’s goals….  I’m reinstating a few of last weeks…

1. Finish the painting I started. I should be able to find the time this week.

2. Make a new recipe. Something special.

3. Finish the embroidery piece I started. I’ve been dragging it around with me everywhere. I need to finish a few more within the next couple of weeks.

4. Get better and get moving again. My cold should be letting up soon, and I need to get back to my regularly scheduled yoga and exercise.

5. Get things organized for this year’s wedding season. It’s coming soon… and I need to get all my contracts together and prepare to execute new ideas for photos, train my second shooter, and visit with clients.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #13

  1. Coley says:

    Some weeks are just too overwhelming and there’s not much time for anything that you’d hope to get done. I hope everyone feels better soon & good luck with your goals this week!



  2. courtneymmalone says:

    Hope you feel much better for this week ahead!! I’ve reinstated goals from week to week too 🙂 Sometimes there’s just not enough time to make it all happen!


    • Kayse says:

      Thank you, Courtney!! I was feeling better today and went for an hour long hike, and now I have zero voice…. But oh man, was it nice to get some air! Hopefully this week allows more time for accomplishing goals!


  3. Meghann Chapman says:

    Painting, photography, goal setting, and healthy foods. Sounds like my kind of gal. Just found your blog through the link up at The Nectar. I like your painting style. Its unique and very natural. Good luck with your goals this week! Hope you get to feeling better.

    Liked by 1 person

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