Weekly Wishes #15


Happy Monday! I’m linking up with Melyssa and lots of others over at The Nectar Collective to share my weekly goals for this week, as well as the progress I made last week. Come join us and set some goals for yourself!

Last week’s goals…

1. Bust out my darn paints! I didn’t! Bah!!! 😦

2. Keep working on plans for the farm. I did. We’re making progress.

3. Spend time with my sister and my nieces. I sure did. A couple of times.

4. Have an amazing weekend with friends. I did. I sure did.

5. Reorganize my home office. I did! Phew. It was so necessary.

This week’s goals…

1. Bust out my darn paints! Putting this one in again.

2. Finish the book I’m reading. I haven’t been taking much time to read lately… I need to get to it!

3. Get back into my workout groove this week. I didn’t exercise over the weekend so I need to make this a priority this week so I don’t fall off the wagon.

4. Make some new recipes. I need to step back into my recipe development habits.

What are your goals for the week?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #15

  1. Daje Morris (@deemorri12) says:

    Hey Kayse. Your blog is so cute! I’ll be back. And I can totally relate to your goals. Between working hard, school and life it can be a challenge to make something of creative passions, keeping up with reading and living an intentionally healthy lifestyle. But, you can do it!


  2. Marina Mendez says:

    It’s always good to set aside time to do something creative like painting or reading. I’ve noticed that it keeps me less stressed by having those breaks sometimes even if it means putting off other things I should be working on. Good luck with your goals!


  3. courtneymmalone says:

    Good luck this week! I am trying to get better about reading too. I’m in the midst of The Invention of Wings and it’s really wonderful.


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