Weekly Wishes #16


Happy Monday to you! I’m linking up with Melyssa and lots of others over at The Nectar Collective to share my weekly goals for this week, as well as the progress I made last week. Come join us and set some goals for yourself!

Last week’s goals…

1. Bust out my darn paints! I didn’t use my watercolors or oils, but I did do some painting with ink. I’m hoping to have some new pieces up in my online shop this week!

2. Finish the book I’m reading. I made a good dent in it! I’m reading the Sand County Almanac, and it’s good but it’s a slower read. 

3. Get back into my workout groove this week. I had good intentions but go nailed with ANOTHER awful cold. Then, nine house guests. 

4. Make some new recipes. I was too sick to cook anything but pasta and steamed veggies for two days.

I’m keeping this week’s goals simple… I’m running back and forth from my house to my mom’s all week to care for her cat so I won’t have much free time till weekend.

1. Feel 100% better! The cold I had kicked my ass. I need to invest some energy into getting my immune system functioning really well again.

2. Keep reading Sand County Almanac. I think I can make time to finish it this week!

3. Get back into my workout groove this week since I sure didn’t last week. I can do it!

What are your goals for the week?


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