DIY Essential Oil Congestion Balm


Anybody else getting nailed with these crazy viruses that are going around? I had a cold three weeks ago… Annnnnnd got another over this last week. This last one was given to me by youngest niece who sucked on a sweet potato chip while I wasn’t looking, and when I turned around she stuck it in my mouth. Ahhhhhh, germ sharing. It’s true love.

Anyways, this last one was awful as far as congestion goes, so I dragged my sleeping butt outta bed one of the days that I was totally miserable and whipped up a batch of this Essential Oil Congestion Balm. I used it on my nose and rubbed it into my chest. You could also apply it to your feet!! It helps open the airways a bit. I even used it as lip balm.



  • Essential oil blend- 30 drops peppermint, 15 drops eucalyptus, 20 drops lemon, 15 drops ginger
  • 2- Tbsp organic coconut oil
  • 1- Tbsp candelilla wax- I can’t remember where I bought mine.. Mountain Rose Herbs doesn’t sell it so I must have purchased it online elsewhere
  • 1- 2 oz Tin or other container
  • double boiler


Melt down wax and coconut oil in top portion of double boiler.  Whisk in essential oils.

Pour into container and let harden. Then use to help clear the lovely sinus and chest congestion that comes along with cold season.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small amount of payment if you make a purchase using this link. I am proudly affiliated with Mountain Rose Herbs!


4 thoughts on “DIY Essential Oil Congestion Balm

    • Kayse says:

      Ohhhh I hope they’re on the mend soon!!! My eighteen month old niece that gave me my cold has been so miserable and grumpy. She’s also cutting a tooth. Poor kid.


    • Kayse says:

      Lucky you!! I think the fact that winter has been so harsh here and that I haven’t been able to spend time outside in fresh air makes my immune system pretty darn sad. There’s not even enough snow to snowshoe.


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