Day 4 of Deals: 15% Off Duvet Covers and Shower Curtains

kayse wieneke society62

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showercurtains | arthealthandhappiness

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I’m sooooo excited to be sharing deals on shower curtains and duvet covers. Every time someone makes a purchase in my shop, it makes my heart swell. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if someone bought a duvet cover or shower curtain… A piece of my artwork blown up that huge and hanging on display?! Whoaaaa. I want my new moth painting as a shower curtain and my howling wolves painting as a duvet cover. Someday, I shall!

From today through this Saturday, I’ve got 15% off all duvet covers and shower curtains in my shop. Plussss all the other deals I’ve had this week are still going! Phone cases, totes, and pillows, too! Come have a look and visit some of the other lovely folks in my society6 community. Sooooo many amazing artists.


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