DIY Messy Dreamcatcher


I had a DIY dream catcher post in my drafts for six months. I made one before winter and I just never quite loved it. It was fun to make, but it was all sorts of different colors and just didn’t look right in my room. I just couldn’t write a post about a project I didn’t love. So I started over. I disassembled the one I had and tried again. And, well, I’m in love with this one. For Valentines day, my boss and his wife gave me a little gift basket with a beautiful piece of quartz on a chain, and I immediately thought about using it in my dreamcatcher re-do. I used a bunch of other stuff I had laying around my craft room/office (which is actually basically a walk-in closet sized room that is our basement walk-out haha), so I don’t have any sort of exact directions about the supplies I used to decorate. DIY projects are all about personalization, am I right?!



  • Four embroidery hoops- one large, one medium, 2 small – remove the outer portion with the metal adjuster
  • Paint and paintbrush (unless you want the color of the wood to remain!)
  • Embroidery floss – used 1 and a half skeins
  • Feathers (I used random feathers I found lying around my yard!), beads, yarn, string, crystals


After gathering all your supplies, paint your hoops. I chose black. I like neutrals. Especially since I have a giant tapestry on my bedroom wall and any color that’s not dark purple or maroon clashes.


Let the hoops dry and paint beads to coordinate if they don’t already. I used some old wood beads from two bracelets I had in 2nd grade. No lie… I keep craft supplies that long.


I’ll do my best to explain this process. It’s a little time consuming and I’m probably going to struggle to find the exact words to make it seem simpler… but once you get it, it’s easy to get on a roll. Start by tying the end of a skein of embroidery floss around the hoop. About an inch to an inch and a half around the hoop, loop the floss around the hoop and pull it back through the loop you just made. See how in the photo above, the first row of loops have a double twist where they come together? That’s what pulling the thread through the space of the loop you just made will do. Leave a small amount of slack in the line. Continue this all the way around. Once you’ve gotten all the way around, do the same thing, but pull the thread through the loopholes you just made and continue the same process as before. You can pull these tighter than the initial row of loops.


Continue all the way around. The space in the very middle will get smaller and smaller. When you’ve got it as small as you want it (I left space to hang a beautiful piece of quartz in the middle – you could hang a feather or a bead here too), tie it off in a knot. I made a slipknot, then pulled the end of the thread through the knot and tightened it all the way. Trim excess embroidery floss.


If you’re hanging something in the middle, just tie it on with the same embroidery floss.


Do the same for the smaller hoops.


Lay the hoops out and tie the smaller ones to the large one in the way you’d like them to look when they’re hanging.


Tie a piece of yarn for hanging at the top of the large hoop.


If you’re using feathers, tie the thread to the shaft of the feather closer toward the, well, feathery part. Wrap the thread around the shaft of the feather toward the tip. Tie off the string and use the excess to tie the feather to the hoops.


Tie a bunch of yarn, braided yarn, string with beads, feathers, embroidery floss to the three smaller hoops. Let them be different lengths. Embrace the imperfection!


That’s really all there is to it. Hang it up above your bed and have sweet dreams.


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