Weekly Wishes #22


Happy Monday! I’m linking up with Melyssa and lots of others over at The Nectar Collective to share my weekly goals for this week, as well as the progress I made last week. Come join us and set some goals for yourself! This has been a really wonderful way to keep myself accountable for the things I’d like to get done each week. It’s also fun to look back and see what my goals have been in recent months.

This last week was really wonderful. I feel like I got a lot accomplished and I got to see a few people I love but don’t ordinarily get to see. And my taxes are done and filed. So, it was quite great! Not much else to report. Oh, except that I broke my laptop charger and had to design the above photo on paint on my dad’s computer. Real cute.

Last weeks goals…

1. Write most posts than last week. I think I did!

2. Sit down and figure out our plans for our produce farm. We’re gettin’ there! I’ve got a stinkin’ house full of started seeds and little baby plants.

3. Exercise. I did get some really awesome workouts in this week. I’m excited that it’s getting warm enough to start running outside soon.

4. Start a new book. Started and almost finished a book! Woooohooo!!

5. Create something new. I don’t think I did. Well, I did design wedding programs for one of my brides, so that’s something.

This week’s goals

1. Write some letters and postcards. It’s been a good while since I’ve done so!

2. Decide what to make for Easter with the family. What to make? I just can’t decide.

3. Finish reading Yes Please. I almost finished it today already!

4. Get outside. It’s supposed to be nice-ish for a few days this week. I need to get out and enjoy it.

5. Write at least one DIY post, 1 recipe, and both my Weekly Wishes and Friday Favorites this week. That’s all there is to that goal.

What are your goals for the week?!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #22

  1. Yuriri says:

    Hi Kayse! I’m new to your blog via the Weekly Wishes on the Nectar Collective. I’ve been browsing around and really enjoy your vibe – you have great photography skills! I’m intrigued by the idea of growing your own produce and enjoyed reading about your food journey on your about page. I myself am embarking on something quite similar, though I don’t think I’ll go all the way to plant based (currently live in South Korea – that’s pretty near impossible…lol). Anyway, it seems you’re a very productive person, so I’m sure you’ll get all your goals done for the week – good luck churning out all those posts! I look forward to coming back to see your blog, I think I’m really interested in your recipe ideas!


    • Kayse says:

      There’s already so much to do without putting extra pressure on myself to have to get 163638484 more things done. I like having a weekly time to sit down and remind myself of the things I’d like to accomplish so I can plan how and when I can do them! You should join in, too 🙂


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