Taking Stock \\ March


When I saw Anna’s Taking Stock post on Rich As Kings, I immediately thought, GENIUS! What a wonderful way to document each month and to have something simple to look back on as the year goes by.

She posted a blank list so others could do it too! So here goes!

Taking Stock – March.

Making: messes, as usual
Cooking: simple meals
Drinking: water & smoothies
Reading: Yes Please by Amy Poehler
Wanting: to be gardening
Looking: out the window at the season changing
Playing: music I love while I cook
Wasting: time playing the Sims too often
Sewing: some maxi skirts for a friend
Wishing: I was gardening
Enjoying: watching my nieces grow and learn
Waiting: for gardening season, haha!
Liking: the slowing warming weather
Wondering: what this year’s wedding season will be like
Loving: to see my seeds sprouting
Hoping: this summer isn’t miserably hot
Marvelling: at the first storm of the season
Needing: more yoga in my days
Smelling: fresh air- windows open!
Wearing: my hair down more often
Following: the progress of my youngest niece learning to string together sentences
Noticing: how much more often I should turn my computer off and read
Knowing: I am blessed
Thinking: about gardening, obviously
Feeling: tired and excited wrapped into one
Bookmarking: ideas for projects
Opening: windows

Beautiful idea, no?!


4 thoughts on “Taking Stock \\ March

  1. Anna Walker says:

    Opening windows! Yes! Amen to that one. Also–totally struggling with the whole turning computer off and reading thing…especially when maintaining a blog! That balance is tough!


    • Kayse says:

      It can be so hard to find time to write content, maintain your blog, and maintain blogger and reader relationships! Absolutely still worth it, but def takes away from reading time!


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