Starting a Garden: Some Simple Advice

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I’ve been going on and on about my produce farm plans for this year… I can’t wait to share more as things warm up and we start getting things in the ground. Right now… it’s all pretty much just a box of seeds and some started sprouts. Not the coolest things to photograph or talk about.

Vegetable gardening is my favorite thing in the entire world. Ok, ok, my nieces are my favorite, but then comes gardening. Every fruit and vegetable I eat from my garden is exciting. Every single one. If you’ve never gardened before, I recommend at least having a few herbs growing in containers. Food that comes straight from the dirt is 23586862390823 times better than from the supermarket. If you’ve never had a tomato straight from the plant or straight from the farmer, do it. Your mind will be blown.

garden starting info | arthealthandhappiness

Make a calendar. This is the chart I made up for our specific organic and heirloom seeds to better organize when to start our plants either indoors or outdoors. I recommend doing so to keep yourself organized and to track when you started your seeds in case you forget to write it down elsewhere. Which brings me to my second piece of advice…

Keep a garden journal! I kept a journal all summer last year of my garden to track when I planted, what was growing well, what seeds didn’t grow well for me, and how much rainfall & what the weather was like. It’s honestly kinda fun to look back on and read about how many times a doe lopped off the top of my beets.

Make a detailed garden map. You neeeeed to make a map when you’re planting a lot of different kinds of plants and seeds. It’ll save you when your rows of tiny sprouts are coming up and it’s so hard to tell things apart at that stage. Keep the map after the season so you can rotate crops next year and keep your soil healthy.

Do your research. It’s important to know what plants grow best under what conditions and what plants grow in your climate. Find out when to start your seeds or if they should be sown outdoors. Look into what plants don’t grow well next to each other and which ones do (companion planting). There are tons of books as well as millions of sources online.

Have a gardening mentor. Find someone who’s already great at gardening and just go hang out in their gardens with them and help pull weeds. Most gardeners I’ve met love to give advice and will gladly answer your questions. When I first got into gardening, I had a friend whose dad took me under his wing and I helped in his lil community garden all summer. I learned sooooooooooooooo much from him. As an added bonus, I got a ton of free produce too. Literally a boxful+ a week.


My kitchen windowsill is looking ridiculous… Starting seeds!

Have you gardened before?


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