DIY Essential Oil Pillow Sachets


Super quick & easy DIY project for ya’ll today… Essential Oil Pillow Sachets! Now, sachets might not be exacttttly the right word, but Essential Oil Mini Pillows for Pillows sounds ridiculous and I couldn’t think of any better words to describe what these are….

Some nights I’m honestly too lazy to dilute essential oils to put on my skin.. So I’ll just put a drop or two on my pillow. Some oils, though have some color to them and can stain pillowcases. I don’t know about you, but I don’t always like to smell the same oils every night until I wash my pillowcase either. Thus these little mini pillows to put oils on and stick in your pillow. (Or car. Or dresser. The possibilities are endless here.) They take under five minutes to make and you can throw them in with your laundry and wash them to switch scents.



  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Fabric (any size or shape works, really, but mine are about 2.5 inches by 5 inches to make squares)
  • Pillow stuffing


Flip the fabric pattern side in. Sew around all edges except for one.


Flip the pouch pattern side out.


Stuff with stuffing.


Flip the raw edges inside and push the stuffing down.


Sew the opening shut. Ta-da! So easy!

IMG_5877Pour on a few drops of your fave essential oils and stick inside your pillow.

What are your favorite essential oils?

7 thoughts on “DIY Essential Oil Pillow Sachets

    1. Thank you, Britt! Three of my faves too! The boots I wear everyday permanently smell like thieves. Which is totalllllly not a bad thing in my opinion!


  1. Cute and sweet!
    My mum makes particularly cutesy ones with lots of ribbon and lace, from vintage fabric – but she *fills* them with lavender rather than putting scents on them – I too would be too afraid to put oil on them, oh the discolouration! 😀

    My fave oils gosh, so many… Cardamome, cinnamon, yuzu, tonka bean, dawana flower, no, I shall stop now or go on forever 😀


      1. Probably as parts of a fragrance, they have become quite pop lately.
        Oh, and Kayse, I’ve tagged you to be part of a blogger tag 🙂 You’ll find it in my latest *Fall in Love* post-


  2. This is so cute! I have recently been getting into essential oils and trying to figure out what I love and like! I am thinking of investing in an essential oil diffuser but I can not decide on which one!

    I love this idea, I am going to do this with some lavender oil for my daughter to help soother her to sleep!


    1. Thank you, Andie!! It’s a really great idea for children so you don’t have to worry so much about dilution in order to put it on their skin!


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