Weekly Wishes 27


Happy Monday, folks! Every Monday I check in and share my list of goals for the week and see what I accomplished last week.

I returned from camping exhausted, filthy, and wonderously happy. I love being in the woods so very much. It took me more than 24 hours to find enough time to unpack though. I headed to the farm almost immediately upon arriving home, then came back to my family coming for dinner… Then this morning I got a new (to me) car and went back to the farm. Phew… It’s been a busy 24 hours.

Last weeks goals…

1. Get organized. Sorta. I did a little bit but not really.

2. Do yoga for a half hour every day. Three weeks in a row I tried to accomplish this goal but failed. I don’t know why I’m struggling to do it so badly!

3. Enjoy my camping trip. And I did. 

This week’s goals… .

1. Get organized. I need to sort paperwork, do some cleaning, and some planning.

2. Do more yoga. I need to!

3. Check off a good chunk of the to-do list for the farm. I have a rather long list of things to do on my produce farm. Things are coming along really well, but there is still so much to do! Though, the forecast looks like rain, rain, rain, rain.

What are your goals for the week?!


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