Taking Stock \\ April


I realized I totally forgot to do this yet this month… Probably because I was camping on the first?! Love this idea. Saw it on Anna’s blog, Rich as Kings last month and I adore this idea.

So, in the month of April… This is what my life was about.

Making: progress. On many things!
Cooking: Simple and quick meals
Drinking: So much water + holy basil tea
Reading: Thoreau.
Wanting: girls night with the lovely ladies I grew up with.
Looking: at screens too often.
Playing: in the garden as much as possible.
Wasting: as little as possible.
Sewing: ripped clothes and my nieces ripped butterfly net.
Wishing: I had more time for gardening. I’m going to be pretty swamped this summer.
Enjoying: The time I do have for gardening hahaha!
Waiting: for the rain to stop….. so I can get in the garden. Oh boy. See what I think about most lately??
Liking: The warming weather.
Wondering: What is going to grow best for us this year.
Loving: The fact that I have a few less weddings to photograph this year than last…. I’ll actually have a few Saturdays off this summer!
Hoping: This summer is my best summer yet.
Marvelling: At all the plants changing and growing.
Needing: To organize my schedule better & stick to it.
Smelling: Lilacs. Beginning to bloom everywhere.
Wearing: The same hoodie pretty much every day.
Following: my dreams hehehe
Noticing: How quickly my nieces are growing up
Knowing: I’m on the right path
Thinking: About too may things.
Feeling: So beyond grateful.
Bookmarking: Gardening resources
Opening: Packages. I’ve been ordering a few more things online as usual.


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