Weekly Wishes // 29


Happy Monday, folks! Every Monday I check in and share my list of goals for the week and see what I accomplished last week.

I got almost nothing done over the weekend because my nieces were pretty much here the entire time. But, I got SO MUCH work done today that I almost don’t even want to set goals for the week hahahaha! I feel amazing. I’ve been working on rebranding my photography business and I made a good amount of progress. I’m second shooting a wedding for a darling friend of mine this weekend and I’m excited to spend a day with my camera. I hope you guys had a great Monday! Started the week right, and all.

Last weeks goals…

1. Make some new recipes. I only made one. I’ll post it this week! I’ve been failing terribly at writing new recipes lately. I’ve been going with super simple meals that aren’t exciting enough to share.

2. Do something creative. I started two paintings and an embroidery..

3. Enjoy some time with my family. I did. SO MUCH.

4. As soon as the rain lets up, get the strawberries and raspberries weeded at the farm. I was able to weed raspberries, but it rained….. A few inches over the last week. It’s too muddy to do anything. We had hail, too. And a tornado warning. Lost a huge tree at the farm, but no other damage. I suppose that’s good? 

This week’s goals… .

1. Work on improving my posture. I was born with my spine pretty severely outta place… And it still just doesn’t stay in place really well, and can get pretty painful. But my bad posture sure doesn’t help. I’m such a sloucher. No good.

2. Finish a painting. I’ve got two drawn, I’d like to finish at least one of them. (Hey BlissfulBritt, there just might be a sailor-cat portrait of a certain black cat of yours in the making! Heheheee)

3. Go computerless all evening at least one night this week. It truly makes me sad that I spend as much time in front of screens as I do. Blogging, photography, and graphic design = a ton of screentime. I need to sit and read or be outside at least one night this week.

What are your goals for the week?!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes // 29

  1. Run Wright says:

    I have been cutting down on my screen time at night too and reading more instead of watching movies on Netflix… Well, I did that last week. This week has already started out differently. 😀


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