Weekly Wishes // 31


Happy Monday, folks! Every Monday I check in and share my list of goals for the week and see what I accomplished last week.

This last week was crazy productive and wonderful. We have sooooo darn many plants and seeds in the ground. It’s gonna have to be it’s own post to tell you about all of them.

Last weeks goals…

1. Get my garden in the ground. Just a few things to go…. Tomatoes, peppers, beans.

2. Get an engagement session in. Done, edited, on it’s way to being uploaded!

3. Finish at least one of the two paintings I started. Did four this week.. Four!! Will post soon!

4. Do YOGA. .

This week’s goals… .

1. Finish planting in my garden & re-up on some of the seeds we need more of. Every time we pick a radish, we’re replanting new seed in that spot so we get a continual supply till it gets too hot. We’ll need more Malaga radish seeds real soon, cus they’re our biggest producer and current fave.

2. Clean the house. I wouldn’t say our house is really all that dirty…. but I’ve definitely spent more time in the dirt the last few days than cleaning dirt.

3. Read. I’ve got too many books on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I need to take some time this week to start and/or finish one.

What are your goals for the week?!


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