Garden Progress


We’ve currently got four gardens planted/in the process of finishing planting at Dirty Hands Ranch. There is so much sprouting and growing, it’s overwhelming in a wonderful way.

Last fall, my neighbor and I were joking about starting a produce farm together. And this spring…. we did it. This year is a year of experimental new gardens, experimental new seeds, and just trying to get darn near every organic and heirloom plant we can get our hands on in the dirt. My neighbor also raises some critters for food as well, which admittedly, does give me a bit of *vegan guilt*, but I know plenty of folks that will not give up their meat & eggs, so I am glad that there are people like my neighbor who are raising their critters with love and respect. My dad, for example, would never even go an entire day without eating some form of animal, and I’d rather have him eating one of the chickens that I fed my watermelon rinds to and held in my own hands than some terribly abused chicken that he buys at Walmart. So, while it can give me bouts of vegan guilt, I do respect it. Just thought I’d explain this since, if you hook up with our Dirty Hands Ranch Facebook page, you understand. I truly hope I don’t get any vegan-shaming. Phew!

Back to the veggies — soon, I’ll post a list of every single thing we’ve got planted. Maybe I’ll even share my notes about which seeds/plants are growing, how they’re producing, & how delicious they are along the way to help you choose things for your own garden? We’ll be selling our goods to some friends and family that have expressed interest CSA style & probably poppin up a little produce stand at the end of the driveway, too. No farmers markets just yet. Next year, hopefully? This has been one of my most exciting and fulfilling projects. Already. I love to make lists, notes, organize, dig in the dirt, draw maps, plan gardens, choose seeds… Even pull weeds. I’m happiest when I’m in the garden. No exaggeration. Anyways.. Here’s a peek into the goings on around the ranch.


Six sweet potato plants are in the ground.


Negi. Hopefully they grow well. They’re a little experimental for us this year.


Cabbages. It’s amazing how much cabbages/brussels sprouts/broccoli/cauliflower look similar when they’re small.


Indigo Rose tomato plant. Have you ever seen such lovely tomato leaves?! So excited for these.


Tomato row #1. There will be more.


The back garden. Non-gmo corn, several varieties of squash and pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beets, brussels sprouts, cabbages, sweet potatoes, turnips, rutabaga, onions, negi. There are multiple varieties of some of these as well.


We have…. I don’t know, ten or so buckets of different varieties of greens. Here’s the arugala!


We’re crazy about radishes. So quick to pop up and lovely to eat. We’re growing 3 or 4 varieties of reds, malaga (dark purple), beauty hearts, green luobo, daikon, 2 varieties of watermelon radishes. We’ve been trying several varieties of things to see what works best in our location & soil.


Carrots… 3 orange varieties, pusa asita (dark dark purple), atomic red, lunar white, amarillo, cosmic purple… I may be missing another as well.


Bulls blood beets, chioggia beets, and golden beets. Beets are planted in 3 of our four gardens.


White kohlrabi & purple kohlrabi.


So much darn spinach. Hopefully our strawberry spinach will grow… it isn’t in one of the rows, but it is in one of the buckets. We also have America spinach & Bloomsdale.


Lacinato kale & dwarf blue curly kale. We could have some good salads already.


5 Color Silverbeet Chard. Aka Rainbow Chard. So far… green and red and that’s it! ha!


We love greens!


Oh man, so many potatoes. Yellows, reds, and russets. We put straw and newspaper in between them to keep the weeds down since they get big and hard to maneuver around to pull weeds.


This is the “Chicken Garden” since it’s near the chicken coop with the lovely laying hens my neighbor keeps.


A view of the Chicken Garden and the New Garden. We’ve named them so creatively 🙂


The first cucumber to pop up! We had to replant all our cucumber mounds because the excessive rain we had a few weeks ago drowned all the seeds.


The strawberries are blossoming and producing some little green berries! So exciting!

So, that’s why my blog’s been quiet. I didn’t even mention an entire other garden and a large part of the “OG Garden”. I’m so excited for all the wonderful food I’m growing, going to grow, going to share, and mostly…… going to eat!

10 thoughts on “Garden Progress

  1. Wow, what an amazing garden you have! One day, I hope to have a space of my own to create something like this. At the moment, I’m renting in a share house. We have a lot of plants in pots and along the back fence where there are beds, and we are in the process of trying to build a raised bed for the front yard…


    1. Thank you so much! Raised beds are such a great idea. It helps to keep the weeds from overtaking your plants. I’m so madly in love with gardening! I hope you get more space to plant soon.


  2. OH M gosh!! What a GREAT looking little farm. I am so proud of you guys for making this a reality, and have a slight bit of garden/farm envy! I totally get the vegan guilt/people are still gonna eat what they want stuff. I try to support ethical farming as much as my vegan bones will let me. I’m totally on the same page with you in that aspect so don’t let it get you down!


    1. Thank you for your support! I adore getting to spend time with all the animals there whether or not they wont be around all year. Who wouldn’t love to spend an afternoon sitting in the middle of 106 fluffy little baby chicks?! Ahhhhhh!! If you’re ever in MN, come for a visit 🙂 I’ll have looooottttts of potatoes, and I know you’ve been diggin them lately!


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