Taking Stock // May


Whoa… May is gone already?! This year is going by so very quickly. It’s been so full of so many wonderful blessings. I sometimes can’t believe that I have all the wonderful things in my life that I do!

Anyway, saw this on Anna’s blog, Rich As Kings, and loved the idea. She provides a blank one so you can copy and paste and do one too! So I’ve been doing them the last few months and it’s so much fun! I love small, journal-y type things like this!

Making: silly cat portrait paintings. Will share some soon once I get them sent out 🙂
Cooking: lots of oyster mushrooms from a local mushroom farm
Drinking: water with fresh mint from the garden
Reading: The Miracle of Mindfulness
Wanting: more time before the mosquitoes get bad and make gardening slightly miserable
Looking: forward to the summer
Playing: my favorite music while I cook
Wasting: almost no time
Sewing: nothing, lately. Have some gorgeous new fabric that I need to get working with soon, though.
Wishing: I could be in multiple places at once.
Enjoying: fresh food from the dirt
Waiting: for seeds to pop up
Liking: vitamin D from the sun & not a bottle.
Wondering: how the summer will pan out
Loving: the neighbor’s dog, Thor, who is sorta my sidekick on the farm
Hoping: the farm will be as beautiful as it is in my head
Marvelling: at how fast radishes grow
Needing: just a bit more time in the day to have a little bit more time to relax
Smelling: lilacs
Wearing: filthy gardening clothes
Following: my heart. for real.
Noticing: how fulfilled I feel
Knowing: my life is currently beautiful
Thinking: about taking a vacation after harvest season
Bookmarking: pages of real books.
Opening: packages
Feeling: so happy.


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