DIY Body Butter for Stretch Marks


I had a special request to create a body butter that could potentially help with stretch marks for a relative of mine who was going through those lovely teenage growth spurts that turn your body from a straight up and down little girl body to a wonderfully womanly body. I also have a friend who is currently pregnant and who wants to prevent stretch marks…

So, I started with research.

Some folks say there is no way to prevent stretch marks and no way to help them fade. Some folks swear by this or that… Number one recommendation for prevention of stretch marks in pregnant women is to stay hydrated in order to keep the skin hydrated and more easily able to stretch. About the after treatment… It’s still in it’s trial phase, we’ll see how it works for us, but I found a few sources that pointed to some good ingredients to try.

Lavender, cocoa butter, Vitamin E Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil are all supposed to work wonders for skin. Lavender is supposed to help with fading scars, which I think would be helpful in helping to fade stretch marks. The other three are extremely hydrating and helping in generating new skin cells.



4 oz. Raw cocoa butter

4 oz. Apricot kernel oil

4 oz. Vitamin E oil (I used 5,000 IU)

50 drops Lavender essential oil


Heat a double boiler. Add cocoa butter.


Once cocoa butter is melted, add apricot kernel oil, vitamin e oil, and lavender oil. Whisk until totally combined.


Pour into jar/jars. Let cool, then seal up. Use everyday on areas that are prone to stretch marks or to possibly help fade existing stretch marks. Or just use as regular body butter. It’d work beautifully on skin whether or not you’ve got a few stripes.


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