Weekly Wishes 40


Whoaaaa, for forty weeks I’ve done this!! That’s pretty neat!

Happy Wednesday, folks! Every Monday for quite some time now,  I’ve been checking in and sharing my list of goals for the week to see what I accomplished. I decided this week that I’d like to start doing it on Wednesday instead because when I do it on Monday, I then work the next three days and sort of lose sight of my goals for myself in my time outside of the office. So I shall try for Wednesdays!!

This week’s wishes…..

Last weeks goals…

1. Finish packing up the photos from my last photoshoot. I did!

2. Get the house cleaned from top to bottom. Totally did it. Then brought dirty vegetables in the house hahaha!

3. Spend my long weekend being productive.  I seriously did.

4. Finish a birthday gift I started making over a month ago.  I didn’t… but I did get another one mailed out!

This week’s goals… .

1. Have 3 successful photo shoots this weekend and get them all edited. Huge goal, but I want it to happen! I don’t see why not… They’re all three smaller shoots. Shouldn’t crack 700 pics between the three.

2. Get to bed earlier. For some reason, I’ve not been getting to bed at what I’d consider a reasonable hour lately. It needs to change.

3. Do yoga every day, even just 10 minutes.  No excuses.

4. Kayak at least three times.  I kayaked five days in a row, but took this evening off to visit my Grandma. I’d like to get another kayaking streak going again 🙂

What are your goals for the week?!


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