Weekly Wishes // 42


Happy Friday, folks! Every week for quite some time now,  I’ve been checking in and sharing my list of goals for the week to see what I accomplished.

This last week was a blur. Harvest time, peak photography season, and a few evenings of socializing left me kinda pooped out. This next week is going to be pretty darn crazy, too, but I’m planning to have a ‘me’ day to reward myself for getting through it. Maybe a day of yoga, outdoor adventures, and really good food? Maybe even break out the ol’ paints.

This week’s wishes…..

Last weeks goals…

1. Finish editing my three shoots from last weekend. I did and they’re all at home with their clients!

2. Get to bed earlier. It was better than the previous week, but it needs work.

3. Do yoga every day, even just 10 minutes.  I really did pretty well on this.

4. Kayak at least three times.  I kayaked once, but swam twice.. it was raining for a good few days.

This week’s goals, since I didn’t get to a lot of last weeks….… .

1. Edit my three shoots from this upcoming weekend. I think I might be a crazy person, I have three photoshoots and a wedding in the next four days. It’s amazing to do work I enjoy, though, even if it cuts into the small amount of time I might spend socializing with humans that aren’t my clients or coworkers ha!

2. Get in three good workouts. I did pretty well on workouts last week, I’d like to keep rolling with it this week..

3. Sit down and embroider, even just a bit.  No excuses, self.

4. Kayak at least once.  It’s gonna be a busy week but I’d like to get at least one kayak session in.


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