Weekly Wishes 45


Happy Friday, folks! Every week for quite some time now,  I’ve been checking in and sharing my list of goals for the week to see what I accomplished.

Last weeks goals…

1. Do something creative, just for me. I did start on a painting..

2. Enjoy my long weekend. I sureeeeeee did.

3. Spend as much time as possible outside.  I have been spending ridiculous amounts of time outside, hence the long gap between blog posts…

4. Read.  I finished a novel…

This week’s goals… .

1. Read. I’m still on a roll..

2. Keep up with my workouts. I did over 700+ squats this last week!! I want to keep going with it.

3. Get good rest.  As the weather cools off, I am starting to think about getting into a regular schedule again for when wintertime comes along, which means a better sleep routine..

4. Paint.  Something, anything.…


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