Weekly Wishes // 47


Happy Wednesday, folks! Every week for quite some time now,  I’ve been checking in and sharing my list of goals for the week to see what I accomplished.

This blog has been taking the back seat to my busy life for months. I have so many photo shoots and so much weeding to do when I’m not at work. This three jobs thing is crazy, but totally worth it since I love all three jobs 🙂 Anyways, weekly goals, here we goooooo.

Last weeks goals…

1. Read. I have been, at least sorta..

2. Keep up with my workouts. I did.

3. Get good rest.  I mostly did this week!

4. Paint.  I started drawing something, and I have some ideas in my head.…

This week’s goals… .

1. Spend some time focusing on my self. I need to take some time to really just care for myself and set goals and relax and enjoy myself..

2. Keep up with my workouts. I said this last week. I need to keep going with it! I feel great!

3. Get any remaining photos that need to be edited finished.  There are quite a few shoots coming up, I need to keep rolling on them so they don’t pile up and stress me out..

4. Enjoy a date night with my niece Sophia.  We’re going to a concert together. She is five. She is also super cool .…

What are your goals for the week?


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