Taking Stock // September


I saw this on Anna’s blog, Rich As Kings, and loved the idea. She provides a blank one so you can copy and paste and do one too! So I’ve been doing them the last few months and it’s so much fun! I love small, journal-y type things like this!

Kayse Wieneke:

Making: myself slow down

Cooking: things from the garden, mmmmm spaghetti squash

Drinking: green tea with acai

Reading: The Rebel Girl by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Wanting: naps

Looking: forward to Halloween

Playing: with the dogs on the farm

Wasting: no time

Sewing: nothing :/

Wishing: for a few more months of summer

Enjoying: every moment

Waiting: to buy new laces for my snowshoes

Liking: my days off once in a great while.

Wondering: what I’m going to do with my time this summer

Loving: the fall lighting for photos

Hoping: I can squeeze some school in this winter

Marvelling: at the giant moon every night

Needing: more time for sleeping and yoga

Smelling: like fall

Wearing: torn clothes and vintage jewelry

Following: my heart

Noticing: the changing trees and plants

Knowing: that my gardens will be done soon 😦

Thinking: about next years gardens haha

Bookmarking: real books

Opening: my heart

Feeling: tired and happy


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