DIY Halloween Banner


I’ve been wanting to make a Halloween banner for a while and kept putting it off because I didn’t want to make the letters by hand (lazy!). Then, I was wandering through one of the local craft stores and found a halloween banner that was just black glittery letters that said Happy Halloween. Score! Bought them. And grabbed my stack of halloween-ish scrapbook paper. And, ta-da!



-black letters that spell ‘happy halloween’

-scrapbook paper in halloween-y patterns and colors

-black yarn

-hot glue (or any glue that’ll work on cardstock)

-scissors or paper cutter


Also, it’s nice to have a lovely friend/cousin to help.


To make a stencil for the rest of the triangle banner, flip one of the pieces of scrapbook paper over and place one of your letters on it to act as a way to measure the size of the triangles you’ll need. Using a ruler and pencil, draw the triangle shape. I felt pretty comfortable free-handing the angle.


Cut out your triangle shape. Use it as a stencil to cut the remaining triangles.


Lay out all your triangles in the order you’d like the patterns to appear in.


Start gluing the letters onto the triangles.


Glue the triangles along their top edges to the strand of yarn. I did ‘happy’ on one strand and ‘halloween’ on the other. Remember, if you’re gluing them flipped over, they’ll be in backwards order.


This is me, with messy, messy hair and my Halloween banner. Happy Halloween week! Hoooo-rahhhh!

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