Weekly Wishes 54


Happy Wednesday, folks! I’ve been doing this weekly wishes thing for just over a year, apparently. Which is pretty stinkin crazy. Commitment, folks.

Last weeks goals…

1. Enjoy my favorite holiday. I did. My two year old niece was a punk (it was AWESOME) and my 5 year old niece was Rapunzel.

2. Go hike. I sure did.

3. Work macrobiotics back into my diet. I have been.

4. Plant my garlic bulbs. I diddddd.

This week’s goals… .

1. Enjoy some time outdoors. It’s getting cold quickly, I need to enjoy the last of the warmth.

2. Do some yoga. Hopefully a lot of yoga.

3. Keep working on putting macrobiotics back into my diet. I really enjoy it!

What are your goals for the week?


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