Honoring Fall


I’ve been reflecting this morning about my favorite ways to honor fall and settle into the cooling weather and the change in energy. My summers are usually crazy busy, busier than what I know to be healthy, but I continue on by spending my fall days with stillness and quiet to regain balance.


One of my favorite ways to honor fall is to take an adventure somewhere in nature and to hike often. This fall, I took a trip to the north shore, up near Duluth. It’s somewhere I’ve been often, but always enjoy visiting. It was a laid back trip, and I stopped in some stone shops and bought myself some new crystals. We headed up farther along the shore to Palisade Head to see the cliffs. It was a great way to celebrate fall and enjoy the last few bits of warm weather.


I love switching over to warming spices in my teas for fall. I’ve been drinking one in particular with cinnamon and cardamom and ginger. I also like to add some immune boosting herbs to my tea regimen as well.


And lastly, I like to be sure to spend extra time honoring myself in autumn. I spend more time focusing on yoga, meditation, spending time eating special meals, and being creative. My work schedule is heaviest in summer so fall is a great reprieve from working from sun up to sun down. I like the spend the cooler months grounding myself and moving slower.

What are your favorite ways to honor fall and the changing season?


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