Weekly Wishes // 56


Happy Wednesday, folks! I’ve been doing this weekly wishes thing for just over a year, apparently. Which is pretty stinkin crazy. Commitment, folks.

Where did the week go?!! Dannnngggg. It was a beautiful, exciting, work filled week.

Last weeks goals…

1. Have a successful last wedding photoshoot of the season. It was a beautiful, perfect, magical day that produced beautiful photos.

2. Do some yoga, more than last week. I think I didn’t.. booooo.

3. Write or plan some new recipes, diy projects, artsy things. I totally didn’t. I’m swamped in editing pictures again. 

This week’s goals… .

1. Finish editing all my photos from the wedding, newborn shoot, and family photos I took over the weekend. It’s a big goal.

2. Do yoga. Any, lots, whatever. Just stretch out my computer-drained muscles.

3. Take a little time to relax and do something I enjoy that isn’t work related. The thing about loving my jobs is that I spend vast amounts more time working than relaxing and doing my other hobbies!

What are your goals for the week


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