Weekly Wishes // 62


Happy Wednesday, folks! I’ve been doing this weekly wishes thing for over a year, apparently. Which is pretty stinkin crazy. Commitment, folks. It’s a lovely time.


Last weeks goals…

1. Enjoy family Christmas time. I did. 

2. Do some readin’. I sure did.

3. Create something. I’ve been embroidering a lot! I also did a little knitting and sewing and a piece of wall art.

4. Do yoga and/or exercise every day. I did some sort of exercise every day. I did light stretching, too.. but not a full yoga session.

This week’s goals…

1. Take a few days to myself. I’ve been so darn busy lately, I need to take a few days to work on projects for myself and relax and not leave the house!

2. Do some readin’. Hopefully I can finish one of the books I’m reading this week.

3. Spend some time outside. I need to go for a hike.

4. Do yoga and/or exercise every day. I’m gonna try hard to shoot for this one again this week.

What are your goals for the week?


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