Weekly Wishes // 64


Happy Wednesday, folks! I’ve been doing this weekly wishes thing for over a year, apparently. Which is pretty stinkin crazy. Commitment, folks. It’s a lovely time.

Last weeks goals…

1. Have a lovely photoshoot. I sure did! I posted about it here.

2. Donate some things. I made a pile…

3. Have at least two long yoga sessions. I did some yoga! Not as long as I would’ve liked to, but I did it.

This week’s goals…

1. Get client products and letters to friends mailed out. I’ve got a little pile of things I need to mail… I actually really enjoy going to the post office.

2. Make a big beautiful meal and post about it here. I’ve hardly posted any recipes here of late, and I’d love to get back into the habit of it again.

3. Finish the book I’ve been reading. I’ve been on again off again with a couple of books, but I’ve been reading The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle and it’s sooooo good. I think I’ll easily finish it this weekend.

4. Spend a day to myself. I’ve been busy doing things with others lately and I want a hermit day.

What are your goals for the week?


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