DIY Driftwood Wall Art


So, friends, I’ve had a stack of driftwood in my home office for almost a year now. Seriously. I’ve also got a random stick sitting in a corner that’s been there for more than two years, there’s nothing special about the stick either. I just thought maybe I’d make a wall hanging with it some day hahahaha! I hoard things for potential projects, and it’s not cool. I strive toward minimalism but when I pass some amazing driftwood on the beach I’m camping near, I really struggle to pass it up. I’ve been this way since I was a child. I seriously used to keep or buy every button I could find at garage sales or antique stores (I still have four jars of these buttons, but they totally come in handy), I kept old bedsheets and pillowcases to make dresses out of… But hey, I spent a LOT of my childhood creating. I’ve worn a lot of really ridiculous creations.

Anyways, I ended up with a stack of driftwood. I was inspired recently to turn some of that random stack of driftwood into wall art. I love bringing elements of the outdoors into my home, especially my bedroom (there are a lotta rocks, and plants, and wood, and found butterflies and feathers in there).



  • Driftwood or wood in which the bark won’t crumble off and make a mess all the time, I used three pieces
  • Embroidery floss or yarn
  • Scissors
  • A drill (optional)


First, select the colors of thread or yarn you’re using. I chose to go nature inspired.

Drill holes about 1.5 inches from the ends of the driftwood on either opposing side of the stick. If you don’t have access to a drill, skip it, there’s still a way you can make this work! Instructions for that will follow.


Tie your chosen color of thread around the wood.


Tuck the short tail end of the thread down against the wood, and begin wrapping the longer tail of thread around the wood, covering the short tail. This helps so that you don’t have so many knots that can potentially unravel. When you’ve wrapped as much thread as you like of that color, tie it off in a knot and trim excess thread, leaving approximately a 1 inch tail.


Try to keep all knots on the same side of the stick so it doesn’t look ragged when it’s hanging and there’s a smooth front side. Unless you want it ragged, then by all means, do so!


Continue this process with other colors, then on the final color, tie the thread off and trim the end of the thread close to the knot. Continue this with all the sticks you’re using.


See, here are my sticks! No particular patterns, just arranged the colors as I felt on a whim.


Next, thread the embroidery floss or yarn through the holes you drilled, tie it off in a knot with a long strand, about six inches, remaining.

If you did not drill holes, just wrap the thread around the stick and tie it off in a knot with a six inch long strand remaining.


Connect one stick to the other, being mindful of the shape it may create when it hangs (I chose to arranged my driftwood pieces from shortest to longest after I accidentally tied it up with the longest one in the middle and it made an awkward lopsided hexagram shape). Also, be careful to keep all the knots on the back side as you tie the driftwood together. Finally, use a strand of thread to create a way to hang the piece, by tying it to either end of the top stick and leaving slack for it to hang from.


Then hang it on your wall! Or from your ceiling. Or from your rearview mirror. Kidding, definitely don’t do that. Dangerous. Just find somewhere cool to hang it.


4 thoughts on “DIY Driftwood Wall Art

    1. Thank you!! I suppose I had chosen those pieces of wood both when I first found them and when I chose them for this project because of their unique textures and shapes. And for this project, driftwood works really well because it’s light enough to hang easily.


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