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I finished reading this book this week, and it’s amazing!!! I bought four used copies so I can share it with folks I love.

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These are beautiful words on a beautifully made ring. There’s a reason I have two lotus tattoos.

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I have been searching for my perfect hat for years. Seriously. They either slowly fall off my head or slowly fall down over my eyes. Or they’re not long enough and don’t cover my ears, and due to the large amounts of metal in either of my ears, my ears get cold real darn easily. I want to give one of these hats a try!

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I’d rock this pin!

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This seriously sounds like an amazing candle scent, and they’re vegan, and beautifully, simply packaged. All wins in my book.

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I love this candle. I try not to let my inner angsty goth child take hold of my decor too much… But this is just so beautiful. Though, as it melts, I wonder how strange it begins to look?

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So, even though I live in MN and we just had a few spells of below zero weather… I have yet to invest in some really amazing gloves. I either go without, or wear this old pair of fleece ones my sister made in the seventh grade. I want something that will be warm, but not render my hands useless from being so bulky I can’t bend my fingers. Any suggestions, anyone? These look really nice, but are a bit of an investment.

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I miiiiight have shared this at some point, but this is one of my favorite paintings done by my friend, Lou. I think there’s a touch of magic in everything that gal paints. Seriously, go take a look at her work!

And lastly, this amazing post about warming herbs!

Happy weekend, folks!


2 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Brittany says:

    This is the second reference to “The Power of Now” I’ve seen this week, and that means it’s time to read it. There is a copy at one of the houses I house sit for and I’m going to dooo it!


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