The Power of Now


Have you ever read a book that resonated really deeply with your understanding of what is and what you’re currently working on, and you wanted more people you know to read it?

I picked up the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle about a month ago after it’s sat on my bookshelf for upwards of two years (oops!) and read the entirety of it in a week. I found so many gems of wisdom in it. Honestly, it’s not information that I haven’t run across before… It’s just organized and written in a way that strongly appealed to me right now.

For most of my adult life, I’ve spent a significant chunk of my hours studying about and trying to practice a more peaceful thought process through various avenues. I had some pretty significant anxiety ridden thought patterns from childhood onward toward my twenties; I was always worried about things that I honestly just didn’t need to worry about… What if I forget to take the garbage out next Wednesday, what if I forget my laptop charger when I go out of town next Friday, what if I didn’t do this or that right the last time I saw so-and-so? Yada yada, you get it. The kind of thinking that’s not productive or helpful and causes a vicious cycle of what if’s and dis-ease.

This incessant mental noise prevents you from finding that realm of inner stillness that is inseparable from Being.         -The Power of Now

Being. You know when you’re watching an incredible sunset and just soaking in all the magic and inspiration and that beauty is the only place your thoughts are currently living in? It’s totally possible to get that feeling from just quietly watching the steam rise from the teapot, or listening to the refrigerator hum. Just being. No (or simply even less) buzzing of random thoughts about what you still need to do today, what you need to do next year, what you didn’t accomplish last weekend…


Be the ever-alert guardian of your inner space.        -The Power of Now

The importance of focusing on the present moment and controlling your thoughts (and gaps between your thoughts) is just so significant. We hold an incredible amount of control over our mood, our relations to and understanding of others, our ability to manifest the future we desire. The more time we spend practicing being here now, the better we’ll feel and the less we will experience extreme highs and lows of emotions.

The reaction or emotion takes you over — you “become” it. You act it out. You justify, make wrong, attack, defend… except that it isn’t you, it’s the reactive pattern, the mind in its habitual survival mode.          -The Power of Now

Don’t ruin your present opportunity for a peaceful inner and outer existence with worries about the future, and regrets about the past. Of course, even being present you will still feel emotions, but instead of reacting to them, you will just know them, just recognize that they are there and that they are ok.

If you have lived long enough, you will know that things “go wrong” quite often. It is precisely at those times that surrender needs to be practiced if you want to eliminate pain and sorrow from your life. Acceptance of what is immediately frees you from mind identification and thus reconnects you with Being.     -The Power of Now

Yes, a person does need to plan to some extent what they’d like to accomplish or experience as time moves forward, but to worry about it or lessen the value of the current moment thinking what you may possibly need to have ten years from now is simply a misuse of mind-space. Be here now. 


Do you have any book recommendations that significantly resonated with you? 


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