Life Lately


I know, I’ve all but abandoned this blog. I have been too busy to make meals that aren’t just some steamed veggies, some beans, and brown rice, etc. So, here’s what’s been going on that has left me with little time to spend here.


Propagating succulents. I have a ten foot windowsill, a table, and a 4 foot grow light filled with various plants. I’m propagating these, plus some jelly bean succulents.


I’ve spent some nice afternoons with my nieces, running around playing tag, and eating coconut milk ice cream. Lilly, the one on the left, is wearing my cowgirl boots from when I was four. And I’m pretty sure they were old before I even got them hahaha.


There’s been a lot of yard work. I broke down a tree and some larger stalks of things in my compost with my hatchet, and emptied, cleaned, and rearranged the garden shed.


One of my aunts got married, so my niece and I made ourselves big, obnoxious bird hair pieces to wear to it.


I spent an evening at a lovely cabin away from other folks with terrible cell service and no internet and it was beautiful.


My dad helped me set up my greenhouse and get it anchored down well.


Starting seeds! Soooo many. These are broccoli.


Lastly, on nice days, I’ve been picking my neighbors German Shepherd pup up for hikes. I feel slightly safer out in the woods when she’s with, and she seems to love the adventures. When I drive up, she sits by my car door for me to let her in. Looooove.

That’s life lately. Outside of wedding season being around the corner, outdoor portrait season kicking in, the farm starting up for the spring again, and my day job… Things have been beautifully busy.


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