Weekly Wishes // 86


Happy 86th week of my wishes, folks! I’ve been doing this weekly wishes thing for quite a while, apparently. It’s a lovely time.

I think short term goal setting is a really fun way to check off more menial tasks & feel accomplished, and setting intentions for the week is a great way to keep myself accomplishing what’s important to spend my time on.

Last weeks goals…

1. Enjoy a day off. I sure did. I went to the flea market and kayaking and painted and lazed about with the dogs and cats I was looking after.

2. Get the gardens weeded. It was too hot, but that’s the goal between today and tomorrow.

3. Paint somethin’. I sure did..

This week’s goals…..

1. Get lesson two done for my herbalist studies. I have a good chunk of it done, I want to power through and get the rest finished.

2. Get the gardens under control. It’s getting wild..

3. Get some kayaking in. I haven’t been going as often as I’d like. Having seasonal hobbies is kinda frustrating when almost all of them occur in the same season, which also happens to be my work heavy season..

What are your goals for the week?


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