Propagating Succulents


A year or so ago, I bought a succulent from a plant nursery.. I think it’s a variety of graptopetalum, it wasn’t labeled.. I’ve propagated and made new plants twice, and now I’d venture to guess I have at least a hundred. I don’t quite know what to do with them all, but it’s been a fun process, so I thought I’d share about my experiences/process here…


Pictured above left, is the pot of the first propagations I did off of one plant. The tray on the right is after I started propagating these plants (hence the now 100 plants).


Select a leggy plant with spaces between the leaves. Grab one of the leaves close to the base, nearest the stem, and wiggle back and forth. It’s should pop off and not leave any leaf remaining on the stem. It should look like the leaf pictured above. Continue to do so with any other remaining leaves you wish to remove and propagate. You can then cut the top cluster with one inch of stem beneath it and create new growth from that. Your remaining stem in the existing pot will also sprout new growth.


Pour succulent or cactus dirt into a tray (or even a cake pan). This will offer enough space for the roots to grow. Lay out all your cuttings with enough space that you may remove them if you aren’t going to permanently keep them growing in their current container.


I find it most effective to water them by spraying with a water bottle rather than pouring water in and risking drowning them or having them move around and lose their new root growth.


After a few weeks of sitting in a sunny window (I have mine in a south facing window) they should start to grow new small plants and roots.


The stems of the old plants will grow more quickly than the cuttings. Like above.



I repotted mine into separate containers in order to not have an entire tray of them. And now, I just keep letting them grow. If you need some graptopetalum, send me a message, I have hundreds! haha! Happy growing!


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