Weekly Wishes // 90


Happy 90th week of my wishes, folks! I’ve been doing this weekly wishes thing for quite a while, apparently. It’s a lovely time.

I think short term goal setting is a really fun way to check off more menial tasks & feel accomplished, and setting intentions for the week is a great way to keep myself accomplishing what’s important to spend my time on.

Two weeks ago’s goals… I skipped last week cus I was too busy!

1. Get lesson three at least halfway done in my herbalist studies. I diiiiid.

2. Spend some time kayaking. I did not do this. Agh..

3. Create something new. I did! I picked up a new hobby… Woodburning.

This week’s goals…..

1. Finish lesson three in my herbalist studies. I sure hope to, but if the weather’s nice… I probably wont.

2. Spend some time kayaking. I sure hope to!

3. Get some canning/pickling done. There is sooo much to do.

4. Get some serious work done on the farm – weeding, fall planting, etc. There is also sooo much to do for this one.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes // 90

  1. Run Wright says:

    Woodburning? Is that where you put designs in wood? Must be. I went to Michaels a few months ago and was intrigued by the craft but stopped just short of trying it myself. Tell us what it’s like, please


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