My Latest Adventure


Recently, for my 5 year Vegan Anniversary, my partner and I took a long drive up the Minnesota Northshore to do some adventuring along Lake Superior. Just thought I’d share a few images and tales here. Saturday, we left early in the morning and drove up and made our first stop Beaver Bay Agate Shop. Then we headed to Palisade Head and hiked around on top of the cliffs for some time. The image above is one of said cliffs.


Some Plantae from Palisade Head.


Good ol Superior. Vastness is one of my favorite things to witness.


After we visited Palisade Head, we traveled to Gooseberry Falls, but it was suuuuuper packed by the falls and I’ve seen them several times, so we just continued on the trail down to the lake and hung around on the beach and bluffs there.


As the sun started to get low, we decided to head back up to the falls, which had cleared out pretty well by that time, and we got a couple of pictures there, then headed off to the lil room at a bunkhouse we’d rented.


But not before we’d witnessed this.

The following morning, we went to Split Rock and hiked down to the lake in the rain. The waves were massive and it was absolute magic and we wandered down along the beach an hour without talking, but I didn’t bring my camera, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.


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