My Favorite Cookbooks


In honor of World Vegan Day (Happy World Vegan Day!!!), I want to share some of my favorite vegan cookbooks/cookbooks to pull vegan recipes from.


This one isn’t entirely vegan, but it has some wonderful recipes that are based on macrobiotics. If you haven’t looked into macrobiotics, I highly suggest it. This one in particular shares seasonal recipes, which I think lends itself well to being in better harmony with our environments.


This is the first vegan cookbook I owned. It’s got so many recipes to replace basic omnivorous meals, like veggieball subs, and cupcakes. And if you can’t tell by the bookmarks hanging out of the top, there are quite a few I like and/or want to try.


You can visit Annie’s blog here… Her recipes are wonderful, and simple, and this book is organized by craving, which I think is absolutely genius.


One of my favorite things about Angela’s blog and this cookbook, is the amaaaaazing photography. That’s the best way to sell me on a recipe, great pictures.


This cookbook was given to me from one of my dearest childhood friends, and it’s full of such a variety of recipes, a great resource for inspiration.

Happy World Vegan Day, folks!


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