Sunday Faves


I’ve been having busy Sundays lately, and haven’t been preparing Sunday Faves ahead of time..


(img source)

I love the look of these blankets, but it’s so hard to find one that’s not made from wool!! This one isn’t!


(img source)

This patch is ca-yoot!


(img source)

This is awesome. I’d probably stick it to my car window, though.


(img source)

This mala is gorgeous. I lost one of mine, and the other is made from lava beads and is super heavy, so I tend not to wear it suuuuper often.


(img source)

I can’t eat these because they have wheat and sugar from a possibly not vegan source, but I had to share them because they’re gorgeous! I never even knew sugar doilies existed!


(img source)

This candle sounds awesome.


(img source)

CAT TEA BAGS! What?!?!?!


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