Weekly Wishes // 109


Happy 109th week of my wishes, folks! I’ve been doing this weekly wishes thing for quite a while, apparently. It’s a lovely time.

I think short term goal setting is a really fun way to check off more menial tasks & feel accomplished, and setting intentions for the week is a great way to keep myself accomplishing what’s important to spend my time on.

I skipped last week because of my wisdom teeth probs. But I’m back to eating like usual, and made it through the whole day today without tylenol or ibuprofen, so I’m making big leaps forward 🙂

Last week’s goals…

1. Get through the weekend. I did it! Wisdom teeth extraction complete. Not without a whole lotta love and care from my darling friends and my mother’s willingness to bring me tea and medication at 5 a.m.

2. Get some homework done. I’ve been doing TERRIBLY on keeping up with my schoolwork. I think about it every day, then suddenly it’s 10p.m. and I don’t feel like writing any more.

3. Do some embroidery. I embroidered SO MUCH while I was laid up!

This week’s goals…..

1. Finish the two paintings I have in progress. I am terribly close to finishing one, and the other needs another two hours of time spent on it, but I think I can do it before Christmas.

2. Get a hike in. It’s finally back above 0 degrees, so I’d like to lace up my new winter boots and go for a hike. Just gotta fit it in before our next big forecasted snowstorm.

3. Do homework. Even just one question. Just any step forward will feel good!


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