Weekly Wishes // 111


Happy 111th week of my wishes, folks! I’ve been doing this weekly wishes thing for quite a while, apparently. It’s a lovely time.

I think short term goal setting is a really fun way to check off more menial tasks & feel accomplished, and setting intentions for the week is a great way to keep myself accomplishing what’s important to spend my time on.

Last week’s goals…

1. Keep up with my biking habit. I did another 30 miles this week!!

2. Celebrate the new year. I did! My partner and I made a big ol’ homemade pizza and lazed around. Which was perfect.

3. Finish Lesson 4 in my Herbology studies. I made a good dent in it.

This week’s goals…..

1. Finish my current painting. I haven’t been in the mood to paint, but I need to finish this one!

2. Commit to a daily yoga practice. Once it becomes a habit, it’s hard to give up for even a day. I want to get to that space again.

3. Finish Lesson 4 in my Herbology studies. Actually.


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