Sunday Faves


Happy Sunday folks! I hope you had a lovely weekend and found something enjoyable to do! Here are some of the neat-o things I’ve found on etsy this week…


(img source)

I really want to hang some cutesy, oddly shaped bird houses around my garden. This one is dreamy.


(img source)

As always, jewelry themed around plants are a win for me.


(img source)

Girl power.


(img source)

I’ve been thinking of getting a new garden notebook this year, because last years is a sloppy mess full of two years worth of muddy handprints and random notes on what not to and what to plant again.


(img source)

The jewelry in this shop is amazing. I’d love to wear a bark ring.


(img source)

Lastly, I was looking at plants because I want to diversify my succulent collection, and I found this air plant along the way. I’ve never seen one like this! It’s so cool!


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