My New Fave Veg Product



Hi friends! I just want to share on of my new favorite vegan products.

I very sincerely have been missing tempeh (and tofu, omg tofu) since I’ve been avoiding soy due to it causing migraines. But my friend Andrea tipped me off to Hempeh (and made me a FABULOUS meal with it as well)… And I’ve been eating plenty of it. This product is exactly the texture of the regular soy tempeh I’ve had in the past. It has 22g of protein per serving, which I appreciate because I lean toward mowing down a lot of carbs and this helps me feel a little more balanced. I’ve been prepping lunches with this just lightly seared, with a side of quinoa and buckwheat mixed together, and some kind of steamed or roasted veggies to go along with it.  Yummmm!

P.S. This isn’t an ad or a sponsored post, I just wanted to share because perhaps some of you are veg with a soy avoidance!


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