Sunday Faves


Happy Sunday folks! I hope you had a lovely weekend and found something enjoyable to do! Here are some of the neat-o things I’ve found on etsy this week…


(img source)

This is precious. I adore lavender.


(img source) 

I have a stack of driftwood in my home office… This could potentially be a great use.


(img source)

This is neat. I’d like to get a large glass display case at some point, though.


(img source)

These are such neat necklaces. I love how raw they look.


(img source)

I just switched from my usual stainless steel tunnels to my labradorite plugs in my ears today, and I was wishing I had some cooler stone plugs. I don’t looooove my labradorite ones, they kinda just look grey. This are gorgeous.


(img source)

These are stunning.


(img source)

As are these. They kinda remind me of The Starry Night.


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